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Nintendo DS!
DS screen protectors 
23rd-Oct-2011 10:51 pm
Winter- Almost A Dream_AlexeiGourianov
Is this place still alive?? If so, I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could help me with my slightly odd query.

The official Nintendo screen protectors were fantastic value for money. So good in fact, that they have protected my screens admirably since  2006. Now, alas, they have come to the end of their useful plasticy lives. There are loads of scratches and a couple of holes, which makes my gaming experience a bit more unpleaseant than in times past.

My question is, if I remove the protectors, will it be all sticky and gunky underneath? I don't want to buy a new console (I'm still perfectly happy with my DS Lite) but I'm afraid removing them will render it unplayable.

Can anyone help?
23rd-Oct-2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
I never used screen protectors, but I did try some (I think they came with a case I got for my DS). If you had the same ones I did, they just stuck to the screen with static rather than actual glue of sorts, so it shouldn't leave any sort of residue.
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