Amanda (amandagamer) wrote in nintendo_ds,

I need to get rid of this junk!

 I know I know... these are not DS games. I'm sure some you are fans of other games though and I need to sell so I can get more DS games.

Shipping to the continential U.S. is $3 but if the game is high enough priced I will ship it at no cost to you (or if you buy more than one). These are for Xbox 360 and they all are in good condition with case and manuals. Here's the list: 

Fable II - $35
Call of Duty: World At War - $45 
Mass Effect - $15 
Guitar Hero III - $15 
Tony Hawk Project 8 - $12 
CSI Hard Evidence - $20 
Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise - $25 
Viva Pinata - $15 
Viva Pinata Party Animals - $12
Saints Row - $15 
Condemned 2 - $15 
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - $20 
Condemned - $12 
Darkness - $12
Crackdown - $12
Saints Row - $12

Tags: games, xbox 360
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