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nintendo_ds's Journal

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Nintendo DS!
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All Members , Moderated
Head Moderator: tidegear
Assistant Moderator: darkain

This is an ALL ages community! So, there are some rules...

1. Be polite! (Be kind to other members and stay on topic)
2. Be clean! (Don't use ANY swear words, say anything dirty/obscene or have even VAGUELY dirty/obscene icons)
3. Be smart! (Read the most recent posts before asking questions and don't say things that may start fights)

4. Comments must be allowed on all posts to this community.

Auction posts are allowed but...
1. Auction posts must be Nintendo DS related.
2. Auction posts must be limited to 3 short sentences. (Not all caps!) Pictures and descriptions beyond that must be behind an LJ cut.
3. You must limit yourself to a maximum of one auction post per month.

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